Domain Name & Hosting

Domain Name & Hosting

Selecting a domain name is the most important and most difficult work to be done, if you want your business to be online. It is often seen that people purchase domains without thinking much about it due to which they need to change the domain name later despite the money spent on it for SEO.

Domain Name is used to show the users What the website is all about?

We at SRJ Web Solutions provide domain name purchase and hosting facility to our clients all over the World. With our unflinching services, we prefer to solve your problem to think about the domain name also as we always suggest few names to our Clients according to their business and sounds little catchy which can be easier for users also to remind.

5 Important Things While Buying a Domain Name

Always prefer to purchase domain with extension .com only as domain names with extension .com looks more trustworthy to users.

Always include a little part of your keyword to the domain name to give user a clear idea about your services.

Always prefer to finalise a domain name with only 2-3 words in it. Never go with long tail names of more than 3 words.

Never add any city or country name in your domain name as it can restrict your services to that specific location.

Never Use complete keyword as your website name as it can be penalised with Google Update EMD (Exact Match Domain)

Best Hosting Space for Your Business

Hosting is also an important feature of your online business. Hostig is of various types. Nowadays you can select from various options available in the Market like Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Each type of hosting has it's advantages. You can select any one of them according to your business needs.

We at SRJ Web Solutions provide Hosting Space to our Clients according to their wish and needs. We provide Shared Hosting from as low as $100 per year, we offer Reseller hosting at $350 per year and dedicated hosting packages starting from $120 per month.

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