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A web portal today is a finely calibrated mechanism, equal parts aesthetics and efficiency. It is rather like a science actually.

Rush hour traffic in an unusually bustling metropolis and everyone going just a little crazy? Now that wouldn’t be too far away from being a fitting parallel to the enthusiastic overabundance of websites that crop in our virtual worlds every couple of seconds. Or so it would seem. Vigorously promoting every conceivable product category or service, websites now rank as one of the most critical sales and marketing tools created by the human race.

Now, given that background, it would stand to reason that if the virtual world is really so clogged up, it would need a clutter-breaker, which ensures that certain websites stand out from rest of the cyber pack. Any entity that aspires to lay legitimate claim to the title of the best website designing company, knows that aesthetics play a vital role in the popularity and performance of websites. It’s basic human nature. We all like to linger over something that pleases the eye and with a website, the more time a potential consumer spends on it, the higher the chances of a transaction.

Creative website designers understand that sites need to be engaging, not overwhelming and that is the reason why the really good ones rank subtlety way higher than OTT dramatics. One of the biggest areas where this is evidenced is on the use of textures. While earlier design theory opted to use textures almost as a weapon intended to bludgeon your senses into submission, modern-day textures are all about providing the page with depth and making them appear like a scene from our normal, everyday lives.

The usage of icons is another aspect that has enmeshed itself into website design in recent years. Icons are cool; they add life to a page and are often cleverly used in place of a description of goods or services. A picture continues to be worth a thousand words.

Unique Website Designs

However, the visual part is just one aspect of unique and creative website designing. Functionality, by far, is the biggest factor for a portal’s sustained success. Easy-to-use features ultimately act as deciding factors for a website’s future. Self explanatory screens; clear, often colour-coded differentiation between varied offering listed on the site and the absence of flashing bells and whistles which might prove distracting for a large number of users are the way to go.

Successful website designers understand the fact that a site is a medium, not the message and therefore keep the visual at a point where it doesn’t engulf the main aspect – the content. It is a delicate balancing act. Too much or too little of either of the two aspects and everything comes crashing down. A good website designing company understands this and knows how to get the proportions just right.