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E-commerce Website Designing Company India

E-commerce websites are making a move in the new modern World. Now if you want to shop from your home, you can do that in a jiffy. There are many online shopping portals available who are working in many countries irrespective of the boundaries. It is very important fact that to optimize these E-commerce Websites, lots of hard work and focus is needed. It is pretty much hard to think a good strategy to optimize e-commerce websites.

What actually E-commerce Website is?

E-commerce websites are like Online Stores where sellers keep all their brands and products in showcase (Here website is the showcase). A place from where a USER can buy desired or searched item. No matter whatever the product is. It can be clothes, perfumes, shoes, computers, laptops, mobiles or anything else.

Things to Remember While Designing E-commerce Websites

It is an important thing to discuss here as most of the business owners actually ignore this part and they got a penalty later by Search Engines when they do not get good visibility. Given are some factors which needed to be resolved while going for Designing E-commerce Websites:

Website Navigation: Website navigation must be easy and User Friendly. It means that you need to keep your website completely categorized so that user can easily look out for the desired product.

Product Description: It is necessary for the USER and you also if you add product description along with the product image. This description will also act like content for the product, you can also add some keywords in the description to make it more attractive.

URL Structure: Keep your URLs user friendly. Most of the e-commerce websites created using CMS (Content Management System) which can lesser down the effort of the website designer. Most of the CMS providers create Dynamic URLs including “?”, “=” and “_” . URLs must be static, there will be no use of these symbols in the URLs. You can also keep your relevant keyword in the URL to make it more effective.

Image Optimization: While running an online store, there is need of images which a USER can see before buying the product. It is the most important part while optimizing e-commerce website as well as other types of websites as images attract more users than content. Always keep good quality images on your website and never forget to add “ALT” tag for an image.

SEO Strategy for Optimizing E-commerce Website:

Social Media Optimization and Marketing: Connect your website with Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, StumbleUpon etc. You can schedule a day when you will post an of your products on these websites including URLs. Your social media presence must be good enough to get quality results from this way. Local Search Engine Submissions: Search for some local search engines used in your country if a person wants to buy any product or look out for any service. Submit your e-commerce website to those search engines to know that you are running a business. Discounts & Offers: Always provide Users some discount or offers for which they often test many websites. You can add some combo products on a discounted price as it is the most beneficial way to sell products. Product Listings: It is a way not more SEO Experts will tell you anytime. You can add your products on websites providing Product Listing. This way can generate quality traffic to your website including potential customers. Now you can send your queries to us at and we will get back to you soon.